Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adam Lanza: Conn. Concludes Access To Guns Relevant To Improved Public Health

Adam and Peter Lanza when Adam was about 10

Adam Lanza Judgment: 'He, And He Alone, Bears Responsibility For This Monstrosity'

The Reckoning
The father of the Sandy Hook killer, Peter Lanza, searches for answers.


ABC News Review Of Final Connecticut Report On Adam Lanza Who Killed 20 Children And 6 Teachers At Sandy Hook Elementary School In Newtown, Connecticut.

Two years after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Connecticut's Office of the Child Advocate released a report today detailing the mental health profile of gunman Adam Lanza, noting potential missed opportunities.
The Office of the Child Advocate, which investigates all child deaths in Connecticut for prevention lessons, released a 114-page report today.
Lanza was 20 on Dec. 14, 2012 when he shot his mother, Nancy Lanza and then went to the Sandy Hook Elementary School where he massacred 20 first-graders and six educators before taking his own life.
"It was not the primary purpose of this investigation to explicitly examine the role of guns in the Sandy Hook shootings," the report said. "However, the conclusion cannot be avoided that access to guns is relevant to an examination of ways to improve the public health. Access to assault weapons with high capacity magazines did play a major role in this and other mass shootings in recent history."


  1. Why does Adam Lanza have five fingers and no thumb in that photo? Obviously photo-shopped! Just proves that it could be a hoax.

    1. Anyone who has the skill to photoshop would not be stupid enough to replace a thumb with a finger. To replace a thumb with a finger would require work and there is simply no motive for doing so. If you need fake news, you will find it. That's why we have a fake president - to satisfy a declining nation's hunger for little falsehoods that support America's larger falsehood of being "an exceptional nation." To suggest that Trump is an exceptional president making America great again is to fail the "straight face test." Trump is, in fact, the divisive president whom "conservatives" alleged Obama to be. Devious Donald is a small-minded, vindicitive man whose full-time occupation is making America grate again.