Friday, February 3, 2012

Wine Into Water: Former Bartender Doc Hendley Gives Drink To The Thirsty

Late in the following Dick Gordon's interview, Doc Hendley talks about his ongoing passion for living and working in bleak backwaters.

Doc replied (and I paraphrase): 'When I'm on mission, I feel real. Here in the United States, priorities have gotten so twisted that it's impossible to get straight. Despite living like Kings and Queens, we get angry over trivialities like traffic jams and running out of eggs.'

Since my first visit to Mexico in 1967, I have felt the same way.

Since that visit ---with the exception of raising Maria and Danny -- I have considered the United States a "staging ground" for planning how to get back to where "life is real."

At the following site, Wine into Water founder, Doc Hendley, is interviewed by Dick Gordon of The Story

Wine into Water homepage -

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