Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wife of Syrian Dictator al-Assad and Humankind's Embrace of Self-Delusion

Asma al-Assad

That Asma al-Assad, a native of hard-hit Homs, does not speak out against the ongoing slaughter in Syria is a caution to us all. 

We are reminded that it takes great courage to stand against one's family, and, quite likely, against the seductive allure of wealth and priviledge. 

Asma al-Assad’s Wikipedia page:


It is also notable that the Assad family's rationalization is based on the allegation that Syrian rebels are "terrorists." Which (even if "true") recalls the lemma that "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." 

Given the rules of engagement obtaining at the time of the American Revolution, our Founding Fathers - and particularly the nation's "Minutemen" -- were perpetrators of terrorism. 

This definition of terrorism is not limited to battle-field and hedgerow practices but also extends to the treatment of civilian populations. 

Note: "The British and French, each with Indian allies, engaged in various fights beginning in 1689 and dragging on for almost a hundred years. In 1690, Colonel William Phips led 600 men to push back the French. Two years later he became governor of Massachusetts. When the French and Indians raided Massachusetts in 1702, Governor Phips created a bounty which paid 10 shillings each for the scalps of Indians. In 1703, snowshoes were issued to militiamen and bounty hunters to make winter raids on the Indians more effective. The minuteman concept was advanced by the snow shoe men."

It made no difference if the scalp belonged to man, woman or child. 

As American General Philip Sheridan put it: "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

And here is General George Washington's role in the indiscriminate destruction of the Iroquois:


President Assad and First Lady Asma al-Assad

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