Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Obama Is The Anti-Christ


Dear John,

American conservatives are generally quite critical of psychology.

I think this aversion arises from the fundamental finding of modern Psychology that people (particularly those who are non-reflective and therefore have not studied their own psyches) tend to project their denied shadow side onto other people - particularly those who are visibly unlike themselves.

The following photos reveal much more about the conservative psyche than they reveal about Obama himself.

Indeed, Obama has nothing to do with the following allegations.

They are completely unhinged. 

They have, in the most literal sense, taken leave of their senses. 

Pax vobiscum


PS A slightly shifted projection that place with the frequent representation of Obama as a Muslim "plant" working the will of the 12th Imam, or some such nonsense -  Concerning allegations that Obama  is The Anti-Christ... It is difficult to conceive fundamentalist "Christian" behavior as anything other than "against Christ," - against the incarnation of love, forgiveness and service to the poor. I do not make this observation to align myself with any "biblical prophecy" but to spotlight the purely psychological character of the allegation which arises from a mindset/worldview that is anti Christ.
Definitions of The Anti-Christ (a term that does not occur in the Gospel itself) are legion: both in theory, and by way of particular allegations as to who was, is, or will be The Anti-Christ. (One of only five references to Anti-Christ in the New Testament is "plural" - the other four, "singular.") As a Catholic -- a person whose church and church representatives have often been identified as The Anti-Christ -- it is rather difficult to take this plastic concept seriously when applied to particular people rather than a spirit that can (and has) "taken residence" within many individuals. If it true that "the antichrist will seemingly provide for the needs of the people but deny them ultimate salvation," then people whose bedrock pattern of behavior is to submit to authority because "authorities are kind and provide for their needs" seem to be the very people who would have been most unable to identify Y'eshua as the messiah during his incarnation 2000 years ago.  

This changes everything!
I didn't know they had mathematical proof!

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