Thursday, July 12, 2018

Friend Arthur Clark's Calgary Community Invites You To Global Community & "Folk Tree Lodge"

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"Folk Tree Lodge"

Our CEO at the Calgary Centre for Global Community, Salima Stanley-Bhanji, presented her "year in review" report at our Annual General Meeting recently, and I've attached it here. 

It's in power point with plenty of colorful images, but also a glimpse of just how much CCGC is doing to transform the culture. 

Meanwhile, back at Folk Tree Lodge, Mahendra and others are putting a new roof on the Beaver House  (the one that appears in the picture on this home page of their website) and the "others" are young people from all over the place: the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Chile...  

They learned about Folk Tree through a "work away" program in which if you offer you labor you receive room and board.  Because of the culture that Mahendra and Naomi represent (that movement in India, which places healthy human relationships at the center of the value field), quite a few of the people who come to Folk Tree want to stay there long term. 

The person directing the project is Alvise, who with his wife Paula (both from Italy originally) were the previous owners of Folk Tree and still live right next door as very supportive neighbors for Mahendra and Naomi.   Alvise is very accomplished and creative at carpentry and woodworking.  What's happening at Folk Tree is epoch-making.

Then there's my own coffee shop dialogues that have been taking place weekly since February, now expanding to twice each week.  The activity there is exactly dialogue - sometimes improvising topics, sometimes choosing a topic a week in advance.   This will be a team project entry in our Social Transformation Tournament (previously called the Social Capital Tournament), now in its third year, the Finals to take place on September 29.   The scoring system and instructions for scoring are also available on request.

These are just some examples of what can be done to build a new model (using Buckminster Fuller's concept - If you want to change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete).  Notice that Donald Trump and his minions can do nothing to stop what we are doing.  We don't waste much time talking about him, but we do include serious dialogue about world events in our coffee shop events.  

So things are beginning to move. 


Calgary Center For Global Community

Buckminster Fuller: "I Seem To Be A Verb"

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