Sunday, July 29, 2018

TED Radio Hour: Is Hate Speech Permissible? To Its Credit, TED Answers YES!)

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Alan: The following TED talks are all worth hearing.

Seldom is the quality of TED Radio Hour speakers so uniformly high. 

By my lights, Elif Shafak and James Kirchick's talks go most directly to the heart of the matter, which is to say: Unimpeded free speech, even by those who speak to inflame hatred, is necessary if we hope to guarantee free speech for "the most vulnerable." 

Only by vouchsafing every individual's unimpeded ability to speak freely were black and gay civil rights advocates able to achieve their goals. 

Sadly, there is growing belief -- particularly on college campuses -- that the curtailment of free speech is necessary for the protection of America's most vulnerable populations. 

Historically the opposite has been true.

The Right To Speak

Should all speech, even the most offensive, be allowed on college campuses? And is hearing from those we deeply disagree with ... worth it? This hour, TED speakers explore the debate over free speech.

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