Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens Wonders What To Do About A Facebook Troll... My Suggestion

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I'm getting tired of Lane Dexter posting on my page. I have heard enough of his conservative argument. I would like him to stop posting on my page in order to let others get their words in.
It becomes increasingly difficult to give room to the Trump supporters like Lane. He can post someplace else.
Are you tired of hearing from him, or do you want me to let him continue?
Alan Archibald I think Lane's participation needn't be an either/or proposition.

Like Trump himself -- and the rest of Despicable Donald's all-white neo-Confederates -- Mr. Dexter trolls your forum with bombast, bluster and the presumption that people should "believ
e" his flatulent pronouncements in the absence of evidence. 

If Lane and other contributors to your Facebook were obliged to provide evidentiary links as a pre-requisite for ongoing "membership," (at least when asked to do so) I think everyone, including Lane, would get a better "bead" on truth. 

Half a dozen times I've asked Mr. Dexter to provide hyperlinked documentation supporting his assertion that Snopes routinely lies about significant political issues.

His silence is deafening. 

To repeat a line I'm unusually fond of: "Trump lies more easily than he metabolizes." (Recently, I've been test-driving this variant: "Trump lies more readily than he grabs pussy.")

"Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics - And Devious Donald"

I think Lane is smart enough that he will be loathe to return to those hadopelagic discussion groups whose benighted bottom feeders are too stupid to know they're stupid.

Confronting this bleak prospect, he may choose to live by the rules of intelligent, fact-based discussion.

Then - mirabile dictu! - a real discussion begins.

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