Saturday, June 2, 2018

The American Thinker Does A Pretty Good Job Probing "Roseanne's Firing By Michelle Obama"

Conclusion Of P. B. Chowka's Article: "So what are we left with as this bizarre week draws to an end?  No one who was mentioned in Cornett's tweet has denied what he reported.  That in itself doesn't prove anything.  The cancelation of Roseanne's show was awfully sudden – within a few hours of her offensive tweet.  In its actions, ABC blew off a franchise that may have been worth close to $1 billion in advertising revenue.  Who else in 2018 America has the degree of cachet and influence to insist that that kind of decision be taken?"

Alan: What Chowka fails to mention is that ABC might have "done the right thing" because it no longer wants to be associated with a vile, bigoted woman - who, alongside her pal Deplorable Donald - creates a socio-political climate in which the following monstrosity typifies the resurgence of an old trend.

White Man Mows Down Black Good-Doer With His Truck, Then Brags About "Killing Some Nigger"

Of course, it remains possible that Michelle Obama pulled the strings that resulted in Roseanne's noose. 

If she did, there is nothing wrong with a citizen exercising her political rights and influence. 

What I find appalling is that author Chowka didn't even conceive the possibility that ABC -- a news outlet whose ethos opposes bigotry and race hatred -- might have decided it was time to "repent."

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