Wednesday, May 3, 2017

While Hillary Lays Defeat At Comey And Putin's Door, Trump's One-Line Summary Says It All

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Alan: Yes, the election was rigged - intentionally by Putin, and "unwittingly" by Comey.

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If you're a Trump supporter and can read, note that two weeks before the election Devious Donald said -- and I quote -- "The Election Is Absolutely Being Rigged."

The Deplorable One did not say that the election was "possibly" rigged, or that "people say" the election was being rigged, or that "very smart cookies tell me" the election is being rigged.

Rather, "right from the horse's mouth," Despicable Donald proclaimed: "The election is ABSOLUTELY being rigged."

But since it was rigged in s-Trump-ets' favor, American conservatives -- true to their nature -- celebrate the corruption.

Here's how that works:

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"This America Life": Trump's Election Began With Cantor's Loss & Buchanan's Model Campaign

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