Thursday, October 27, 2016

How Democrats Turned On The New Deal... And On Themselves

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Alan: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (like Bernie Sanders) derived tremendous strength from "staying on message." 

At bottom, the dialectical message of politics is - invariably - about plutocratic oppression of people who work for a living as opposed to those who move piles of capital. 

It must also be said that everyone has a proper role in The Body Politic. 

But - in broad strokes - the essence of political struggle is the oppression of the poor by the rich.

In the sixties and seventies, the Democratic Party lost track of this core struggle, cobbling together instead a rainbow coalition built on sex and gender issues. 

It is not that sex and gender issues are without worth but they are not as important as fundamental focus on the allocation of resources, chiefly (but not exclusively) material resources.

How Democrats Turned On The New Deal... And On Themselves

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