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What Are Hillary's Chances Now That FBI Director Comey Has Done The Un-American Thing?

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Dear F and Jimbo,

FiveThirtyEight reports less damage to Hillary than I would have thought.

And here's CNN's interpretation of Hillary's certain victory even if Trump wins EVERY battleground state.  

There are 8 such states and the likelihood that The Prince of Darkness will "win them all" is vanishingly slim to zero. 

I spent my 4th four-hour session "in the field" yesterday and am reasonably certain that Hillary will win North Carolina. 

Not that reason ranks high on the scale of American values.

I think Trump will also lose Nevada and, according to 538, Hillary is still 59.4% likely to win Florida. This is surprising and does not square with a number of recent polls which see Florida as a total toss-up, with some polls giving a clear edge to Donald Trump, the "Christian" favorite.

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These relatively "certain" numbers give Hillary 322 electoral college votes, the same number Obama got in 2012.

Note that these calculations do not take into account the real possibility that Hillary can win Ohio, Iowa, Utah and Arizona (where the large Hispanic population might well turn out in unusually high numbers). 

Here in North Carolina, Hispanics are totally pumped to defeat Trump, and I'm reasonably certain this sentiment is nationwide. 

Please do what you can to "get out the vote." 

You can volunteer for Hillary by contacting

Just do it.

Trust me. 

You do not want to look back on November 9th and ask "Why didn't I do more to prevent The Despicable One from taking The Oval Office?"

Just "how despicable" is the narcissist-sociopath-solipsist-megalomaniac?

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Anti-Intellectualism In The United States Of Barbaria: Wellspring Of Ignorance, Falsehood, Stupidity

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"Donald Trump's Sad, Lonely Life" By David Brooks 
(Superb Summary Of A Lost Soul)

Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in North Carolina, Race Tied in Florida

The poll was taken before the latest news about the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails

Hillary Clinton has a six-point lead over rival Donald Trump in North Carolina, a battleground state, 9 days ahead of the 2016 election, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.
The Democratic and Republican candidates are essentially tied in Florida, according to a second poll. Clinton has the support of 45% of likely voters, while Trump has 44%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has 5% of support, while the Green Party’s Jill Stein stands at 2%.
In North Carolina, Clinton has an advantage over Trump at 47% to 41%. Johnson gets 8%, and Stein isn’t on the ballot.
The polls—conducted before the FBI announced it was examining additional emails related to Clinton’s use of a private email server—come as residents of both states are voting early.
Clinton leads in North Carolina by a 61% to 33% margin among the 29% of those who said they have already voted. She is also ahead 54% to 37% among 36% of likely voters in Florida who said they have already voted. Among people who haven’t voted in Florida, Trump leads 51% to 42%.
Both polls have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points among registered voters and 3.5 percentage points among likely voters.

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