Friday, April 25, 2014

Reasonable Consequences For Vaccination Resisters Whose Children Become Ill

Hospitalized human rabies sufferer in restraints to prevent spread of disease.

Dear Fred,

Thanks for your email.

I do not think there are any easy ways out.

To the extent possible, I suggest we give vaccine resisters what they want, simultaneously enforcing reasonable consequences.

Reasonable Consequences:

1.) Any family that does not vaccinate their kids will not be allowed to enroll those children in public schools. Private schools -- up to and including university -- will have the right to deny entrance to "the unvaccinated." "The unvaccinated" may be home-schooled.

2.) Any family that does not vaccinate its children must quarantine them (according to state specifications) whenever a vaccine-deficient child contracts a disease for which vaccination is mandated as a public school entrance requirement. Breach of home-based quarantine will result in government-enforced quarantine at parental expense. Currently, U.S. law enforces quarantine at owner expense for any pet whose rabies vaccination is non-existence or "out of date" whenever such pets are suspected of having been in proximity to rabid animals. Such quarantine is VERY expensive, easily costing $10,000.00.

3.) Although compassion argues against the following suggestion, it would be politically clarifying to exempt insurance agencies -- at least government-sponsored insurance agencies -- from covering the cost of treating diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination. There is no acceptable reason whey insurance companies should cover astronomically expensive treatment when they already provide free vaccination to prevent the disease in question. 

If you are in the mood, see what your vaccine-resisting friends/acquaintances think about the three consequences outlined above. 

Pax tecum


On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 12:34 PM, Fred Owens <> wrote:

I'm with you and Thom Aq -- all the way. "Vaccination, Advocacy, Aquinas"
But my specific question is social pressure -- which can be an effective tool or an instrument of oppression.
In California, where I hang out, in community gardens, we have Leftie Loonie moms who will not vaccinate their children -- do we shun them? or throw sticks at them?  ---- it seems that something a little stronger than persuasive argument is called for.

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