Friday, April 25, 2014

Catholic Sunday School Teacher Stephen Colbert Lauds Nevada's Cliven Bundy


A night after Jon Stewart accepted Sean Hannity’s challenge and KO’d the Fox News personality, it was time for Stephen Colbert to put on his “Stephen Colbert” persona and do what he still does best. It’s the first time since the Late Show announcement that I fully realized just how much I’ll miss The Report. There’s just nothing quite like eviscerating this sort of Fox News toxic ridiculousness under the guise of agreeing with it.
Highlights include: “Hannity ate up that story so hard, Cliven Bundy should have charged him grazing fees” & claiming Bundy isn’t racist, he’s just consistent: “Bundy doesn’t believe in the federal government so it would be hypocritical of him to believe in the Emancipation Proclamation.”
If you’re not interested in folks songs and having the story expertly recapped by “Stephen Colbert,” I encourage you to at least forward to the 6:30 mark where Colbert caps things off with a spirited attaboy to Hannity for beating him to the befriending of Bundy.
Stephen Colbert

"Colbert is a practicing Roman Catholic and Sunday school teacher." [20][121][122][123]


Alan: You needn't probe far below conservatives' crust to reveal garden-variety racism, or, if not racism in the egregious sense, at least a penchant for white supremacy.

                                              Republican Party Is ‘Full Of Racists,” Colin Powell’s Chief Of Staff

A devout Catholic Traditionalist who blogs as The Thinking Housewife reveals the ubiquitous right-wing urge to represent whites as superior, "under attack" and in need of race-based defense.

"Traditional Catholicism"

In my view, The Thinking Housewife is a master (mistress?) of specious thinking.

Here are some pertinent posts.

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They Deceive Themselves"


University of Michigan History Professor Juan Cole points to the following achievement by European whites and their descendants:

"Terrorism And The Other Religions," Juan Cole

With slight discrepancy, the above pie chart"fact checks."

Raw Data:

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