Friday, April 25, 2014

If Hitler Had Been Admitted To Art School, World War II Would Not Have Happened

Adolf Hitler

Estimado Byron,

Following up on my stated belief that if 18 year old Adolf Hitler were not denied entrance to art school there would have been no World War II.... please determine which of the following paintings -- if any -- are the work of someone clearly unworthy of advanced training? 

It is possible that Hitler's work is represented among the paintings below.

The other  paintings -- perhaps all of them? -- are by artists discussed in Wikipedia articles.

Paz contigo


Try not to let your gaze settle on the lower part of these paintings which is where signatures are located.

Hitler painting

File:'Natura Morta', oil on canvas painting by Giorgio Morandi, 1956, private collection.jpg


Please don't read the following article until you've judged the paintings above. 

Hitler's devout Catholic mother, Klara

Adolf Hitler was raised by an anti-clerical, skeptic father.

Hitler's Boyhood

Hitler was baptized Catholic, confirmed at 14 
and became disdainful of Christianity in adulthood.

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