Thursday, June 7, 2018

The War Of 1812: Did Canada Burn The White House As Trump Said?

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The War Of 1812, Explained

Here is a letter I sent to the editors of Vox.

Alan: Sure, Canada was allied with England. 

But James Madison - encouraged by Jefferson who was particularly keen on acquiring our "neighbor to the north" - declared The War of 1812, and shortly thereafter invaded Canada with the goal of incorporating its vast land mass into the United States. 

The following article from "The Week" provides needed perspective on Canada's righteous resistance to yet another American war of aggression.

There was also the matter of England and Canada helping "the Indians" resist their genocidal expropriation -- even more reason to cheer our putative enemy in The War of 1812.

What rankles most however is your exculpation of "The Deplorable One" when you could have taken opportunity to focus the war for what it was -- another misadventure in gringo land-grabbing.

It is not far-fetched to say that your article aided-and-abetted the real enemy - both then, and now. 

Had Canada-England won The War of 1812 - with the United States subsequently incorporated into Canada - we might have evolved into a peaceful civilization too.

Instead, we have become an outpost of barbarism and planetary spearhead of neo-fascism. 

Look around for God's sake. 

I have long argued that The American Revolution was a bloody mistake that polluted the nation's wellspring with unnecessary - and ultimately self-destructive violence.

Notably, Canada did not rebel against England and just 90 years later evolved peacefully into an exemplary nation.

The mills of the gods grind slow but fine.

Shame on you Vox.

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