Friday, June 15, 2018

"The Better Angels Of Our Nature" And "What In God's Name Happened To Republicans?"

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Americans would be more honest if we referred to "The United States of America" as "The United States of Barbaria."

In an effort to recover from the ravages of The Civil War, Lincoln appealed to "the better angels of our nature."

Trump routinely appeals to the lesser demons of our nature, steadily reinforcing his heinous message that it's at least okay - and probably "patriotic" - to hold people-of-color in contempt.

Lincoln tried to heal the gruesome wounds inflicted during The Civil War.

Trump, Sessions and kindred White Nationalists (properly called White Supremacists) are intent on re-litigating The Civil War.

Trump coined the phrase "shithole countries" to refer to black Africa and Haiti.

We can only wonder to what extent he was projecting his own "vision" for America.

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