Friday, June 8, 2018

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens & Pax On Both Houses Discuss Trump, RBG And Mental Function

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RBG will never resign from the court as long as Trump is President......that is my hunch.
TLD: Is it? That depends on whether she is fully functional. If I hold a vitally important job but my health (mental and physical) is deteriorating, at what point does my stubbornly hanging onto that job become a disservice? As it happens, I do hold an ”infrastucture” job vital to our society, and I am getting older. I have thought about this. Serious question.

Alan Archibald The criteria of "full mental functionality" -- and "deteriorating mental health" -- can also be applied to Trump. 
It is beyond bizarre that "The Deplorable One" treats America's best allies like enemies, and democracy's worst enemies like friends. 

Just this morning, Trump called for Russia's readmission to the G7. 

No quid pro quo. 

No "deal-making." 

Just "let 'em back in." 

"Give 'em the farm."

Clearly Trump appeals to his rabid Base by being the raised middle finger of The Neo-Confederacy, a fundamentally white supremacist appeal that calls into question the mental functionality of his disciples as well. 

I grew up in New York and have known Trump's mafioso tactics since thug Roy Cohn became his mentor.

Mark my words. 

Mueller's report will reveal "the picture" that Despicable Donald "keeps in the attic." 

And when Special Counsel does "paint the portrait," Trump will claim that this "old news" is "fake news," then take his malevolent road show to blood-red America, setting about the business of inflaming our renascent civil war while representing his jingoistic self as "The Model Of True Patriotism" reprising his smarmily-orchestrated Philadelphia Eagles freak show.

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