Sunday, June 10, 2018

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens And "Pax On Both Houses" Examine Anthony Bourdain's Suicide

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Anthony Bourdain..... this is just my take, but a person so successful and upbeat is expected to act that way all the time. Did his co-workers and friends allow him to fail? to weep? to stay home from work and sleep all day, to get drunk, to be angry
Alan Archibald The social expectation of upbeatness is corrosive. If my limited reading is accurate, there is a "Facebook syndrome" characterized by an inverse relationship between "pretending to be happy on Facebook" and actual unhappiness.

PSF Thank you for saying this. As an American, I find the American expectation that one always has to be happy to be oppressive. I feel I should have the right to be sad or down when life is hard. I don't feel I should have to put on a false cheery face.

This is one of many reasons I love France. People aren't expected to be happy all the time. The French think that Americans look like idiots, walking around all the time with smiles pasted onto their faces.

Alan Archibald It can be argued that the United States is immersed in a de facto civil war.

As a people, we are enraged, bleeding at the eyes with one another's political postures, religious poses and sexual mores.

Yet, each year when the world's nations are evaluated for happiness, the U.S. consistently ranks as one of the happiest places on earth; in 2017 we ranked #14.

Perhaps our pasted-on "smiley faces" reveal cultural sleepwalkers who have bought their own propaganda.

"We're #1!" is more true for scads of shameful characteristics than uplifting ones.

Meanwhile, Trump -- almost without notice -- has surrendered global hegemony to the Chinese whose stunningly productive private-public initiatives propel that nation forward. Meanwhile, Despicable Donald and his fellow ideologues content themselves with conservative sloganeering, dedicating themselves to legislative gridlock and assiduous deconstruction of every democratic institution America has admirably - and painstakingly - built up. 

Indeed, this step-by-step dismantling of democracy -- coupled with 45's irrepressible fondness for thugs -- is the red meat his neo-fascist Base craves most.

It is beyond absurd that Trump attacks his G7 allies, at the same time insisting Putin be re-admitted to the organization independent of any quid-pro-quo.

At least suggest something, Deal Maker!

How about: "Hey, Vlad. Give Crimea back to Ukraine!"

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