Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Frog Hospital's Fred Owens And I Discuss Our Alma Mater, St. Michael's College, U of Toronto

Image result for loretto dormitory st. michael's college
Loretto Dormitory
St. Michael's College
University of Toronto

When I said we were eating breakfast in the nuns' dining room I wasn't kidding.
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Alan: It always makes me feel good to recall that Catholicism's central sacrament is gathering people around a dining table, and that alcohol - an intoxicant -- is one of two sacramental substances.

It is "icing on the cake" that Catholics celebrate food and drink daily, simultaneously remembering and honoring a capital criminal who was executed by the state, ostensibly for threatening the political stability of an occupying power.

Here is a list of "Justice links" posted on the Loretto sisters' webpage:

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