Monday, June 11, 2018

Facebook Exchange About Latina Asylum Seekers Having Their Children Taken Away At Border

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AS Facebook post:
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How do you know that your ancestors entered this country legally? Have you been to Ellis Island and seen the legal record? Did you just read it on Ancestry and think that was proof? Not everyone came in through Ellis Island. In the majority of situations, none of us were around when that first family member stepped on the ground in this country. Somebody told somebody in the family something is how you get most of your ancestry information and there is certainly no proof that it is true and real. How in the world can the people in this country sit and be complacent about children being ripped from the arms of their parents at the southern borders and smugly believe that is ok? Are you gonna tell me this is "what Jesus would do"? If I could get to them, I would bring them to my house. I would hide them here.
My Reply: Until age 60, my Dad and all five siblings assumed our Irish ancestors entered the United States by way of Ellis Island.

Then we learned that their port-of-entry was Montreal, Canada.

Once in Montreal, who knows if they crossed the St. Lawrence River legally?

I doubt it.

Here is an informative update from Washington State Representative Pramila Jayapal: "Jayapal Goes Inside Federal Detention Center to Meet With Asylum-Seeking Women: 'The mothers could not stop crying'"

Not only do these women have legal right to request asylum, there is a larger context that begs justice on a deeper level.

By my lights, anyone with native American ancestry has a preemptive claim to reside in America.

By contrast, I urge you to read the following Snopes article about "residency claims" made by our white European forebears.

"Did Christopher Columbus Seize, Sell, and Export Sex Slaves?"

"The Official Story" (eagerly embraced by American conservatives) rarely occupies the same universe as "The Real Story."

Read history.

Uncle Sam has blazed a long trail of tears.

Opinion does not trump Truth.

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