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Vince Foster And Torquato Tasso Weigh In On Comey "Revelation"

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Dear F,

I'm a pretty smart guy but sometimes I just don't "get it."

For example, I don't get the following story, which is either "pregnant with meaning," or "fluff" stirred up by too much navel-gazing. Damned if I know... 

However, the fact that I don't "get it," coupled with the "fact" that Comey himself seems to have gotten "punked" by Russia on the linchpin issue of "the Trump administration" -- suggests that Putin may actually be a puppet master. 

It is beyond bizarre that Russian operatives could "oblige" Comey to take historically decisive action based on information he knew to be false!?!?!

Sometime in the late seventies (?) I bumped into a "distant" neighbor and fellow parishioner named RR whose Dad was a well-connected Republican lawyer renowned for his political clout.

R was a few years older than I so I didn't really know him: when your a grammar school student age segregation is a big deal.

I asked R what he was doing and he said something like "I'm working at Sibley's."

It then came out that R had been a lawyer in Washington D.C. -- "on the fast track to high end success" -- when suddenly "every star in the firmament suddenly aligned against him" and very soon thereafter he was disbarred. 

He seemed truly flabbergasted by this reversal of fortune, and since it was the only "real" conversation I ever had with him, he didn't need to provide me with any detail.

Side Note: Kevin met wife Cathy (a Mercy nun novice at the time) while she was taking care of R's kids while he and his wife were out of town: there was a plumbing issue in R's upstairs bathroom and Kevin was the family's designated handy man.

Back to the story...

When I asked R for more detail about his disbarment, he said: "I can only imagine that a "Washington power broker" thought I had seen a document that implicated him in nefarious activity, and so, before I had a chance to jeorpardize his career, he decided to make me an uncredible witness by having me disbarred."

I have no idea how much palace intrique and Byzantine back-stabbing takes place in American government. But when you contemplate reptile-people like Sessions and Trump and Nixon and Haldeman -- and all the other submerged denizens of The Swamp -- who knows?

Nixon Aide, John Ehrlichman, Admits Blacks And Hippies Were Massively Convicted Of Trivial Drug Crimes For Political Gain

We all know that money is a drug. But after a while, money gets demoted to a kind of status "marker." It's pretty clear that when a person's annual income rises above $75,000.00 s/he is not any happier for the fact. 

Princeton Study Finds $75,000.00 Enough To "Buy Happiness"

Political power on the other hand - actually having your "finger on the button" - is a whole other thing.

I recall Vince Foster's resignation-letter/suicide-note: "I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport."

Or consider Torquato Tasso assessment of the same scum-suckers 450 years earlier:

"I thought that in princely dwellings folk would exhibit a higher
moral quality since they possess all the copious plenitude that may adorn
our nature. I found it the reverse Uranio. Men of high lineage were swift
to promise, but vastly slack in performance, and I found them the foes of
all simple goodness; gentle and reposed in aspect, but swollen in pride
like the whole sea. A race fair to outward seeming only...
What elsewhere is deemed virtue, here is held to be a defect. Nay,
shame is imputed to the deed that is not crooked, to the love that is not
simulated, to the simplicity of holiness, the faith that may not be
broken, the guileless heart and the clean hand --- all these are held as
the marks of low spirit, mere dull stupidities, and trifles to call up a
laugh. Trick and lie; fraud and robbery; spoliation hypocritically
disguised; to grow fat with gifts and ruin another; to find one's glory in
another's fall; these are the "manly" distinctions of this perfidious
crew... They are unrepressed by shame; respecting neither the claims of
affection nor those of blood; with no memory of any act of kindness. In a
word, nothing is more worshipful, holier, more conspicuously right, than
all the exact opposite of their vast hunger for court distinctions, their
ravenous appetite for gain."

Torquato Tasso
Born at Sorrento

I'm not sure where this letter "should" end since I don't really know what the new "Comey revelation" is about in the first place.

If you understand it -- or gain insight from the t-vidiots -- please let me know.

Meanwhile, I will assume that the important takeaway has already been provided by Foster and Tasso.


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