Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who'd A Thunk It? Obama Sold Saudis 29.5% More Weapons Than Trump's Much-Touted Deal

Saudi new King Salman (R), US President Barack Obama (3rd from L) and First Lady Michelle Obama (3rd from R) hold a receiving line for delegation members at the Erga Palace in the capital Riyadh on January 27, 2015. Obama is in Saudi Arabia to shore up ties with new King Salman and offer condolences after the death of his predecessor Abdullah. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
The big discussion at the two-day meeting will be the $110 billion in arms the Saudis want to buy over the next decade. During President Obama’s eight years in office, the U.S. sold $115 billion worth of arms to them. Relations chilled between Washington and Riyadh in the final years of Obama’s presidency, and restrictions were placed on what kind of weapons would be sold. It remains to be seen whether the Trump regime will relax those limits. 
One thing for sure, he isn’t tweeting that when it comes to weapons the Saudis already have enuf.

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