Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The "Big Picture Strategy" Of Impeaching Trump With Pence "In The Wings"

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Except for Trump's envisioning "political salvation by kicking N. Korea's ass," I think Pence is at least as dangerous as Trump.

"Indiana: A Great Place To Be A Bigot"
Excellent Video Spoof

At the deepest level, I think Christian conservatives pine for "The End Time" when Jesus will come back to lead them to The Kingdom.

That kind of built-in magical thinking is as common as it is dangerous and reflects an overall pattern of fundamentalist/evangelical thinking that draws most American theocrats even more than their attraction to Trump. (They voted for Trump because they thought he was their only chance of actually winning.)

If impeachment (or resignation) happens too soon, Pence has opportunity to put "presidential experience" under his belt and then, as night follows day, he automatically looks like the "incumbent-favorite."

I would just as soon see Trump in office until the Democratic House is sworn in January 2019, then have them drag out "the timing" so impeachment so the actual process doesn't start until early 2020.

That way we Dems maximize our chance of getting the House and the Senate next year - and the White House in 2020... since Trump's late-term ouster would not leave Pence enough time to develop a "presidential track record" and the stench of Deplorable Donald's impeachment would be "fresh" in everyone's noses.

In the meantime, it is possible to take pleasure in Trump's slo-mo meltdown.

But even if you can't do that, I still think that "the long-game" is more important than the visceral satisfaction of ousting SOBMF ma├▒ana.

Let Trump - and the rest of his body-snatched pod people -- stew in their fetid juice as long as possible



PS Since the inauguration, one school of thought is that Repugnicans will stick with Trump in order to milk him for all the outlandish (but politically advantageous) steps he can take... then dump him when he becomes a net liability.

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 4:33 PM, FV wrote:

Dear A
Can you believe his speech to the graduating Coast Guard class.
He was on his pity pot crying that no politician in history has been treated so poorly especially by the press. It was all about him.  He was given a ceremonial sword and his point man Kelly by his side (thought he was off mic) said you could use it on the press. I'm beginning to think these above reproach military men surrounding him are reproachable. 

Why don't Republicans so concerned about their agenda, figure out that Pence will make it an easier time to get stuff accomplished. They just have to get dt out of the way.



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