Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Movies With The Highest Metascores (With Scores Of 90 Or Higher)

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Alan: Keeping in mind "de gustibus non disputandum est," friend Byron (who comes from a theater family and knows as much about cinema as anyone I know), believes that the most dependable way to determine how good a movie is (without having seen it) is to look at its Metascore.

Generally speaking a movie with a Metascore of 70 or higher is quite likely to be enjoyed by a wide sprectrum of people.

Movies With The Highest Metascores 
(With Scores Of 90 Or Higher)
(There are seven movies with metascores of 100/100: The Godfather, Lawrence Of Arabia, The Wizard of Oz, Fanny and Alexander, Sweet Smell of Success, The Leopard, The Conformist, Au Hasard Balthazar)

Metascores are available on the Metacritic website. 

Metascores are also available for TV Shows, Music and Games.

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