Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Loosening Libel Laws And Firming Up The First Amendment," Joshua Johnson's 1A

Loosening Libel Laws And Firming Up The First Amendment

One Legal Criterion In Defamation Cases Is "Reckless Disregard For Truth." Is Trump Liable?

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Alan: Over the course of Trump's sleazy, debt-ridden, rip-off-workers-and-suppliers business life, Devious Donald has brought nearly 5000 suits. 

He uses these suits to "silence opposition" and to "make money."
His Despicableness treats lawsuit as a bread-and-butter cash cow. 

Even before bringing suit, His Satanic Majesty knows he will "win" because his lawyers are clever enough to use "the law's delay" to prolong suit until designated defendants agree to settle, typically to avoid grave financial harm if not straight-up bankruptcy.

Make no mistake.

It costs gobs of money to defend against accusations of "slander" (aka spoken defamation) and libel (aka written defamation).

In such cases (and numerous others) Trump has so much wealth that only he is enough to pursue lawsuit long enough to "win" - typically by default.

And when he wins, he collects so-called "damages."

Give Me Any Trouble And I Will Sue Your Ass. I Am "The 1%" And I Will Break You. I Will Extract Your Last Penny In Legal Fees. It's Extortio | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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