Friday, May 5, 2017

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens And "Pax On Both Houses" Discuss "The Magnum Mysterium"

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Friend Fred Owens' blog post:

I invented a religion in 1971,
I called it the Church of the Holy Dawn.
We had dogma, scripture, liturgy and abuse,
But after a while I said what's the use.
I can't make promises,
I don't know the truth.
My Comment:

Since THE TRUTH is intrinsically unknowable, acknowledging Truth's unknowability may be essential to "good religion."

Humility before the Magnum Mysterium may be necessary antidote for the "religious" self-righteousness - and consequent hubris - that devout Catholic Blaise Pascal warned against: "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."

We easily overlook the obvious truth that the 3 Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - have a grotesque track record of supercilious contempt for one another.

What an embarrassment!

No wonder militant atheists have gotten the upper hand.

Speaking of which...

Check out Joshua Johnson's 1A interview with Oxford Physicist Marcus du Sautoy who took over Richard Dawkins' post.

Now -- more than ever -- we need a "Holy Dawn," complete with blessed and humbling unknowingness.

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