Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Editor Friend's Assertion That 4-Year-Olds Ask 300 Questions A Day. What Does Science Show?

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Dear Elaine,

As always, thanks for your daily thought.

The first thing that came to my mind -- as a person with nine years of university training and three college degrees -- was a question.

"Is it true that 4 year olds ask 300 questions a day?" (Online, the more frequently cited number is 437 questions a day.)

I said to myself: "300 inquiries per day would require almost non-stop recitation of questions, which, in my experience as a father and neighborhood "shuttlecraft operator," did not match up (at all!) with my actual experience of children. 

I also asked myself whether the assertion that "4 year olds ask 300 questions" a day was a comfortable way for many non-college-educated adults (who often rely on shibboleths, "old chestnuts" and "articles of faith" to the relative exclusion of searching questions) to malign or impugn college-educated people who, in fact, ask lots of questions.

The surpassing beauty, elegance and utility of The Scientific Method is that humankind actually succeeded in devising a method of inquiry -- a method independent of belief, pre-supposition and superstition -- which, by its innate structure, obliges scientists to try to disprove their hypotheses.

The next time a child is entrusted to your care, have a pencil and paper ready to make a hash mark every time the child asks a question. 

Then calculate the number of questions the child asks per hour and finally multiply the hourly figure by 14, the number of waking hours in a child's day. 

However, since a typical 3-4 year old spends 3 hours a day in front of a "screen," the actual number of hours available for asking questions is 11. 

If a child asks 300 questions a day, s/he will ask 27 questions every available waking hour. 

I am prepared to be surprised.

However, after you've "run the test" and reported your findings, I do not anticipate a surprise.

That said, "science is science." 

Let's find out!

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And pigs fly.
Pax tecum


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On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 11:14 AM, EK wrote:

I read that "Average 4-year-old asks 300 questions a day. Average college grad: 20.”

Does this mean that college grads know it all? Or they stop being inquisitive? H-M-M-M … :)

Have a Great Day … 


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