Monday, May 1, 2017

Trump's Bafflegab, Blather And Bullshit As Last Ditch Defenses Against Documented Truth

Alan: Please sample the following interview - particularly the section where the topic turns to healthcare.

Transcript: President Trump's Interview With "Face The Nation"
April 30, 2017

I see only two likely conclusions.

Either Trump is deliberately devious and obfuscatory (which begs the question, "Why?").

Or, he has not taken the time to learn what current GOP healthcare proposals actually are, and flailing in a factual void he espouses lazy generalities.

If the latter, Trump's srategy is shrewdly "to the point" since s-Trump-ets build their lives on lazy generalities. 

They crave lazy genealities.

S-Trump-ets DO NOT want any defined "statement" whose documented truthfulness contradicts their "alternative facts," their "wishful thinking," white nationatlist (aka supremacist) contempt for epistemology/intellectual-rigo, and, whenever necessary, "conspiracy theories."

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