Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hal Crowther: "Mean old (white) men are not a renewable resource."

"Do White Men Still Matter?" 
Hal Crowther

"As a new Congress convenes this month, the Democratic caucus in the new House of Representatives, a 200-strong minority, includes 61 women, 43 African-Americans, 27 Latinos and 10 Asians. Fewer than half—94—are male Caucasians. The president is not a white man, nor are four of the nine Supreme Court justices, though what we might accurately label Clarence Thomas, besides an African-American, is always up for debate...
The demographics are fatal: By 2043, according to the Census Bureau, non-Hispanic whites will be a minority in America, and fewer than half of the Caucasian minority will be male. We can predict fairly confidently that each generation of aging white men will be a little less rigid and arrogant than its predecessor. Voters under 30 chose Obama decisively, 60 to 36 percent. Mean old men, the heart, soul and checkbook of 21st-century Republicanism, are not a renewable resource."

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