Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gun Stories (including a reflection by Native American Sherman Alexie)

Gun Stories Bullet

Gun Stories
(with Dick Gordon)

Alan: The interview with Native American Sherman Alexie is packed with surprises. For example... Although they vote Democratic, Reservations "Indians" may be the most politically conservative people in America.

We continue our series of conversations about guns in America with Joel Myrick in Mississippi. In 1997, he was an assistant principal at Pearl High School when a student walked into the school and started shooting. Myrick ran to his car and got his legally-owned .45 Colt pistol and pointed it at the shooter to stop him.


We share letters about Gun stories.


Janaya Lasker Ferretti tells the story of a much-loved table her grandmother owned and how she got it back.


Producer Katie Davis talks to writer Sherman Alexie about losing language and the permanence of song among Native Americans.

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