Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seattle Times: "Mitt Romney's Gift For Whining"

Fine Whine

November 16, 2012 


Your crushing defeat was all about you.
Romney’s “I’ve got mine” demeanor came through loud and clear to voters. Those infamous remarks recorded at a fundraiser about the 47 percent of Americans he described as freeloaders captured the essence of the man. Those sentiments echoed in a conference call with reporters a week after the election.
Obama did not win a second term, Romney implied, he bought it with political inducements for difference groups. Obama’s improved access to health care? Just a ruse to attract young voters and minorities. Right, no sense that millions of Americans are without insurance and cannot get to a doctor. Nope, that would never cross Mitt’s mind. Health insurance was all a ploy.
Romney’s disappointment is understandable. He had been campaigning for the White House for about six years. He worked hard, and a lot of people invested stupendous sums in his campaign. He talked and talked and talked, and no one had a clue where he stood day to day on a long list of topics.
He desperately wanted the job. That much came through to voters. Now he should take a break and relax. Maybe buy a company and ship some jobs overseas. Do something familiar and get grounded again.

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