Thursday, November 22, 2012

For the first time, there are more obese humans than hungry ones

Bangkok 7 11 2012 11 15
A Texas-born quickie mart chain explodes across tropical Asia.
BANGKOK — f you think America's junk food problem is growing, take a look at Southeast Asia.
Europe obesity carrefour 2012 11 19
Shrinking incomes are leading more families to switch to cut-price convenience foods.
Latin america obesity 2012 11 19
Eat your heart out Jamie Oliver. To trim down, Bolivian school kids chow quinoa and other indigenous staples.
South africa obesity 2012 11 19
In many African countries, malnourished, growth-stunted children are turning into overweight adults.
Obesity 2012 11 22
A rundown on the most obese nations and secret costs of being fat.

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