Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In Texas, North Carolina And Pennsylvania, The Courts Decry/Invalidate GOP Gerrymandering

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Alan: It is easy to debate most political issues.

However, one issue that is beyond debate is American Conservatism's ferocious determination to cheat people-of-color out of their fundamental right to vote.

Why this fact is not taught in American schools reveals more vividly than any other educational shortcoming the shoddy state of public instruction.

Notably, it is almost always conservatives -- with their "religious" science denial and lofty chatter about "principles" -- who want American schools to be shoddy.

Pennsylvania Congressional District Map Is Ruled Unconstitutional
New York Times

Dems Poised To Gain Seats After Court throws Out PA Congressional Map

Pax On Both Houses: Compendium Of Voter Fraud And Voter Suppression Posts

The Daily Show Interviews Republican Official Who Spills Beans On Deliberate Voter Suppression 
Masquerading As Prevention Of Voter Fraud

Republican Party Is "Full Of Racists," Colin Powell's Chief Of Staff

"Dog Whistle Politics": Coded Language And The Rise Of Racially Scornful Political Rhetoric

Dirty Trickster Lee Atwater: The GOP SOB At The Heart Of Republican Barbarism (Hidden Mic)

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Couldn't Happen Here?
It Has Happened Here.

Republican Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan "Summarizes The Republican Philosophy"

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