Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Ongoing Conversation With A Conspiracist Friend: 9/11, Birtherism, Sandy Hook

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Dear Ron,

Thanks for your email.

As you say, 'Evidence is everything.' 

But evidence is also endless. 

Plus, we know for a fact that if Obama's birth had been filmed on a Hawaii beach, while it was taking place, with Don Ho playing eukelele in the background, conspiracists who want -- "need" is probably the more accurate descriptor -- to believe that Obama was born in Kenya (... notably, sonofabitch Trump was the primary exponent of birtherism, a theory with no political pertinence even if it were true ...) those same conspiracists would refuse to believe the filmatic evidence. 

In the end we are called upon to make judgements about evidence - and very few judgments can be absolutely certain.

For example, we now know that eye-witness testimony -- testimony by witnesses were cheek-by-jowl with "the perpetrators" during commission of the crime -- positively mis-identify the perp one third of the time.

Concerning your reference to the fellow, Jerry LaFouriere, who says he witnessed the uninhabited decay of Sandy Hook school garners but 7 (seven) internet hits (and not very persuasive ones at that). 

Why only seven? 

My google search "Jesus was a sodomite" gets 4370 hits.
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