Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weird Enuf Fer Ya? News From Barbaria #169

Bill Maher takes a shot at ‘American Sniper’ for glorifying ‘psychopath patriot’ Chris Kyle

American Sniper: Anti-Muslim threats skyrocket in wake of film’s release

These are the 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world

GOP lawmakers declare ‘all-out assault’ on marriage for same-sex and atheist couples in Oklahoma

4chan founder 'Moot' bids farewell: 'This is it for me. This is goodbye'

Get the feels as this adorable baby sees her mother for the first time

This racist cartoon is the reason a San Diego cop thinks he was punished

North Carolina frees innocent man after spending half his life in jail

Revealed: Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs boiled the Earth’s atmosphere

Bill Maher advises billionaires on which GOP ‘corporate a*s-lickers’ they should support

Sarah Palin delivers ‘bizarro’ speech to Iowa Freedom Summit and Twitter users react hilariously

Conservatives cheer as Trump, others take jabs at Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush

Clint Eastwood: ‘American Sniper’ is an ‘antiwar statement’

GOP rep.: Eastwood’s movie is ‘very accurate,’ and ‘youth of America need examples’ like Chris Kyle

Fox News host bashes Michael Moore: America ‘saved the planet’ with snipers like Chris Kyle

Teaching girls to say ‘no’ in virtual reality cuts sexual victimization by half: study

Rick Santorum tells CNN: Climate Change is real — but ‘of course, do nothing’

Accused Vanderbilt football player blames gang rape on university’s culture of ‘sexual freedom’

Minnesota man accused of taking mother’s dead body to bank to withdraw money

These are the 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world

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