Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mandatory Reporting Of Sexual Assault On Campus May Worsen The Problem

Virginia lawmakers risk worsening the problem by requiring colleges to notify police of all reports of sexual assaults. "Hastily shaped legislation now under consideration is not likely to help and may even make the situation worse for victims of sexual violence. ... We're sympathetic with those who say universities are ill prepared to substitute for a court system in adjudicating serious felonies. But the seeming logic behind mandatory reporting — a crime occurs; call police — is challenged by the very people it aims to help. Survivors of sexual assaults and their advocates have been loud and clear in arguing that the decision about whether to report a sexual crime to police must lie with the victim. Taking that decision away from victims could well result in the refusal to come forward, which would not only deprive them of needed support services but also eliminate any possibility of them ever going to police." The Washington Post.

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