Monday, December 16, 2013

Palestrina and Lauridsen - O Magnum Mysterium

"O Magnum Mysterium"

Palestrina's Wikipedia page

Morten Lauridsen's setting of O Magnum Mysterium
King's College Choir
Live, Midnight Mass, 2009

Again, Lauridsen's setting of O Magnum Mysterium
Westminster Cathedral Choir 
Live, Midnight Mass, 2009.

Studio version, O Magnum Mysterium
Nordic Chamber Choir

O Magnum Mysterium 
Youth Choir of the Latvian Academy of Culture

"O Magnum Mysterium"

To me, "Magnum Mysterium" is the name of God that feels best suited.

As humankind outgrows its medieval understanding of divinity, 
we would benefit from more mystery-awe-reverence 
and less feigned knowledge.

"Music Of The Spheres" By Rued Langgaard And "Harmony Of The Spheres" By Joep Franssens

Sufism And The Mysticism Of Music

Lutheran mystic Jacob Boehme's best known work is "Mysterium Magnum."

Boehme's Wikipedia page

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