Monday, December 30, 2013

The Robots Are Coming And They Will Terminate Your Jobs

"Automation, Robotization, Software-Enhanced Productivity And Permanent Job Loss"


The robots are coming and will terminate your jobs. "In 2008, robots still struggled with a problem known as "Slam" - simultaneous localisation and mapping, the process of mentally building up a map of a new location, including hazards, as you move through it. In 2011, Slam was convincingly addressed by computer scientists using Microsoft's "Kinect" gaming hub, an array of sensors and processors that until recently would have been impossibly costly but is suddenly compact and cheap. Problems such as language recognition and Slam have so far prevented robots working alongside humans; or on tasks that are not precisely defined, such as taping up parcels of different sizes or cleaning a kitchen. Perhaps the robots really are now on the rise." Tim Harford in The Financial Times.

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