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Critics Pick The Best Movies Of 2013

Critics Pick The Best Moviews Of 2013
  • December 8, 2013

Below, we collect every year-end Top Ten list published by major film critics and publications. This page will be updated throughout December and January whenever new lists are published; be sure to check back frequently.
Added in this update (12/27): Boston Herald, Chicago Reader, Chicago Sun-Times, Den of Geek, The Dissolve, (consensus), The Hollywood Reporter, In Contention (Lodge), New Orleans Times-Picayune, Newsday, NOW Magazine, The Playlist, Salon, Salt Lake Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Weekly, Sioux City Journal, Slashfilm, Time Out New York, USA Today
Below is our updated running tally of the films most frequently mentioned by individual critics on their year-end Top Ten lists. Note that if a critic ranks more than the standard 10 films, we will not include films ranked 11th or worse. In case of a tie for first or second, each film will receive the full points for that position. Our points system works as follows:
  • 3 points for each 1st place ranking
  • 2 points for each 2nd place ranking
  • 1 point for being ranked 3rd - 10th, or for being included on an unranked list
Movie# 1st Place# 2nd Place# OtherPoints
112 Years a Slave171437116
3Inside Llewyn Davis894587
5Before Midnight533455
6The Act of Killing552348
7American Hustle352847
8Blue Is the Warmest Color232436
9The Wolf of Wall Street222434
Frances Ha302534
Stories We Tell212533
13Captain Phillips112429
Upstream Color421329
15Short Term 12421228
16All Is Lost112227
17The Great Beauty231224
18Spring Breakers131221
19Dallas Buyers Club001919
20A Touch of Sin011517
21Blue Jasmine001515
Fruitvale Station001515
The World's End011315
25Computer Chess101114

Individual critic top ten lists

Below are the 107 individual top ten lists published by the film critics regularly included in Metacritic's score calculations, as well as a few extra lists from additional prominent film sources. Some critics merely list ten films without ranking them in order; such lists are displayed below, without numbers, in alphabetical order.

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