Thursday, October 31, 2013

When Was The Last Time The GOP Did Anything Right?


Does Obamacare look a little sketchy?

"GOP Finally Unveils Healthcare Plan,"


Senator Susan Collins: "I have greatly disagreed with the tactics that led to the shutdown of government. There was no way that shutting down government was somehow going to lead to the defunding or repeal of the president's signature achievement of Obamacare.,, But you're certainly right that no one is lower than the Republicans right now. This reflects a loss of confidence in the ability of Washington as a whole to govern responsibly.
And I believe that the shutdown of this past month of government for 16 days, the nearness that we came to defaulting on our debts, and the lack of a long-term fiscal plan to deal with our $17 trillion debt are the reasons why. The American people are clearly frustrated and fed up with the partisan gridlock and the excessive partisanship that they're seeing in Washington." What confidence would a sane person put in a party that deliberately undertook the fool's mission described by Senator Collins. The GOP isn't experiencing a lapse of judgement: there are entire cerebral sectors of missing synapses as if something has gone haywire in the collective psyche.


Most strikingly, The Republican Party is not now - nor has it ever been - The Party of Fiscal Responsibity. Rather, it is the Party of Economic Catastrophe par excellence. 

"Republican Rule and Economic Catastrophe - A Lockstep Relationship"


Seriously, other than witless opposition to Liberalism (or to Obama himself, or to tax hikes, or "socialism," or universal healthcare, or facilitated voting, or...) when was the last time the Republican Party did ANYTHING right? Anything to foster The Common Good?

"American Conservatives And Oppositional Defiant Disorder"

Two factions... within the GOP

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