Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Most Rabid Republican House Districts Are Economic Debacles

Angry white guy "showing the way."


At the source of the shutdown, the economy falters -- and anger at Barack Obama runs high. "If you want to understand the congressional Republicans who have forced confrontations with Obama on the "fiscal cliff," the government shutdown and the debt ceiling -- and whether those lawmakers might feel encouraged to force more confrontations in the future -- you need to understand the economic struggles of the Republicans' home districts...Forty-five House Republicans have most consistently pushed their caucus to brinkmanship over the past several years, according to a Washington Post analysis of voting patterns. On average, the economy in the districts those Republicans represent is significantly worse than it is in the nation at large. The median income in those districts last year was 7 percent lower than the national median, according to the Census Bureau. The unemployment rate averaged 10 percent. That was almost two percentage points higher than the national rate, and two percentage points higher than the overall rate in the states that contain each district." Jim Tankersley inThe Washington Post

Here's the map that locates these conservative pockets of economic failure:


"Republican Rule and Economic Catastrophe: A Lock Step Relationship"

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