Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday Passion. Killed By High Priests. Found Innocent By Pagans.

Dear Fred,

The lineage of "biblical literalists" is comprised of the very people most likely to have manipulated the original gospel texts. 

The desolating ardor of "true believers" is so self-justifying that once they lather themselves into conviction of "absolute righteousness," any "Falsehood Fostering The Good" is deemed not only sinless but virtuous.

Today is Palm Sunday. 

At mass this morning -- during the reading of Luke's "Passion" -- I realized that "the high priests" (i.e., "church hierarchs") were ferociously determined to crucify Yeshua; that a career politician, Pilate, found no fault in the man; and that a pagan centurion embodied enough endgame courage to declare: "Truly, this was a just man." 

Christian Pharisees -- at least as hypocritical as their namesake -- would wisely downplay their love affair with the Old Testament, substituting instead clear-eyed contemplation of "The Woe Passages."  

I am struck that so many modern "Christians" -- despite their bombast to the contrary -- would be more at home with the Old Testament's Thunder Sky God than the New Testament's God of Love.

Pax on both houses,


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