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Trump's Shithole Comment And The Collapse Of Epistemology

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Dear F,

Thanks for your email.

Although it is overwhelmingly likely that Trump did, in fact, say "shithole countries," it is not just a Dylan lyric --but a reality -- that "a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

I like your idea that "Reporters should go after them and make them talk, or speak by there silence." 

The problem is there aren't a lot of "journalism jobs" that pay a decent living.

So, once you've "made it" to The Big Time, you don't want piss off your "sources." 

Keep your sources happy and they'll keep giving you scoops. Not very big scoops... but big enough to keep your job.

The trade-off resides in "not pissing them so much" that they cut you out of "the loop." 

Once you get a reputation as a "boat rocker," your employer (probably an impersonal Fortune 500 Company) will replace you with someone who knows how to "play nice with others." 

"Play along" and you'll get "dependable snacks"... but never a nutritious meal.

I do not make the following comment to fault you. 

Indeed, I myself exhibited analogous behavior when I taught for Orange County Schools. 

But when you were at Strong and that dangerous woman F was head honchette, it probably never occurred to you to take the story to the Democrat and Chronicle. (Of course, who knows what the D&C would have done with it?!?) 

Self-censorship is a Big Deal. And very often we have no idea we're doing it. 

Plus, in The Age of Trump, even "smoking guns" are irrelevant: people are not only content to be deceived, they crave being deceived.

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They are as hot to be lied to (plunging into oceans of "fake news" and "brazen bullshit") as an unusually horny high school quarterback in a Texas whorehouse with his Daddy's credit card.

Here's the deal...

You are a rational person. 

Therefore, you project your core Reasonability -- and your "good reasons" -- onto the world-at-large.


The world-at-large (at least America-at-large) wants to shit on Reason every time a sound argument threatens Base "beliefs," a hodge-podge credo currently spearheaded by the white supremacist belief that Aryans are more oppressed by bias-and-bigotry than people of color are.

Having backed themselves into they "self-victimized" corner, they perceive an existential need to get rid of "the darkies" and, although they (and their leaders) currently do this with insurance company death panels and other forms of political deprivation, I would venture that a quarter to a third of the population would applaud nuking the bastards. 

Do the math.

If you do not believe in global warming, what's to prevent you from thinking nuclear strikes can be "contained" with "surgical precision." 

Or, for that matter, why wouldn't you believe that all-out nuclear war is not only winnable but will bring about The Definitive Triumph -- maybe even The Second Coming -- so that The USofA is #1 FOREVER!

Would America Care If Trump Nuked North Korea? 
Stanford-Dartmouth Research Says No.

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Donald Trump Asked An Adviser 3 Times Why U.S. Can’t Use Its Nukes, Says Joe Scarborough

"60 Minutes": The New Cold War. Who Has The Temperament To Be Next Commander-In-Chief?

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On Sun, Jan 14, 2018 at 11:15 AM, FV wrote:

Dear A

On Face the Nation today, Cotton not only reiterated he did not hear the s...hole term from Trump but he went on to call Durbin a liar.
The despicable Republicans are taking on Trump's m.o. and just sticking to a lie and unwaiveringly and unabashedly repeating it.

Where are the others at the scene? Cowards who don't want to lie but don't want to tell the truth either. Reporters should go after them and make them talk or speak by there silence. 



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