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Totalitarian Absolutism And Conservative Christianity's Cruel Eagerness To Torture "The Damned"

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"You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image 
when it turns out God hates all the same people you do." 
Tom Weston S.J.

"The terrible thing about our time is precisely the ease with which theories can be put into practice.  The more perfect, the more idealistic the theories, the more dreadful is their realization.  We are at last beginning to rediscover what perhaps men knew better in very ancient times, in primitive times before utopias were thought of: that liberty is bound up with imperfection, and that limitations, imperfections, errors are not only unavoidable but also salutary. The best is not the ideal.  Where what is theoretically best is imposed on everyone as the norm, then there is no longer any room even to be good.  The best, imposed as a norm, becomes evil.”  
"Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander,” by Trappist monk, Father Thomas Merton

The Twin Roots Of Christian Cruelty

Paul Krugman: "Dollars, Cents And Republican Sadism." (Pain IS The Point)

Often, Stinginess And Cruelty Are Christianity's Paradoxical Effects

Christian Supporters Of Trump Are Addled, Untrustworthy People

Alan: Yesterday, at the Novus Ordo site, I was struck by the clear "call" for "submission," the same word that translates the Arabic root of "Islam." Although submission can be virtuous, it lends itself to vice-viciousness when informed by psychological Absolutism

The trade-off of Absolutism is this: "we" will absolutely surrender to Authority (typically a male authority) with the understanding that Absolute Authority will take providential care of Everything, even ensuring that there is "good reason" for the worst tragedies - forgotten children dying in overheated car seats, plagues, The Iraq War, multiple amputations from vaccine-preventable meningococcal infection.

And, as pièce de résistance, my surrender secures an ironclad guarantee of "my" personal salvation. 

On the other hand, Liberalism is so saturatedly satanic that there is no possibility of salvation, only Eternal Damnation

Liberalism: "Satanic Rebellion Against God?" (The Thinking Housewife)

The ironic downside of total (totalitarian) submission to Absolute Authority is that Christian traditionalists, political Zionists and jihadists all adopt the same self-certain pose: "Not only is "my" Absolutism better than "your" Absolutism, "my" Absolutism happens to be The One, True, Holy Absolutism which - in demonstration of God's Great Goodness - authorizes ME to act as The Smiting Hand of Deity, working tirelessly for your total destruction while "I" anticipate self-satisfied glee over your eternal charring and re-charring -- all the way down to the bone -- in The Lake of Unquenchable Fire.

"Chesterton On Charity, Hope And Universal Salvation"

"Charity is the power of defending that which we know to be indefensible. Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate. It is true that there is a state of hope which belongs to bright prospects and the morning; but that is not the virtue of hope. The virtue of hope exists only in earthquake and eclipse. It is true that there is a thing crudely called charity, which means charity to the deserving poor; but charity to the deserving is not charity at all, but justice. It is the undeserving who require it, and the ideal either does not exist at all, or exists wholly for them."
Heretics, ch. 12 (1905)
Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) English journalist and writer
Preliminary and follow-up discussion with Fred Owens, author of "Frog Hospital":

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Fred Owens wrote:

As far as I can tell, this group seems to be different than Laura's group...... I have not seen her write against the Jews, nor for them either.

The 'Radical Traditionalist Catholic' Movement

By Heidi Beirich
Though tiny in comparison with the approximately 70 million Americans who are mainstream Catholics, "radical traditionalist Catholics" may form the single largest group of hard-core anti-Semites in America.

Fred Owens
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Dear Fred,

Thanks for your email.

I am preparing a post entitled Totalitarian Absolutism and "The Thinking Housewife." 

When done, I will copy you. 

While researching this upcoming post, I came across Heidi Beirich's article, The "Radical Traditionalist Catholic" Movement.

I would guess Laura does not focus "the Jews" for one of two reasons.

1.) Consciously or unconsciously, she knows that the anti-Semitic "button" is crimson red and she would get burned by pushing it. That said, conservative Christianity's fondness for political Zionism inclines me to believe Laura feels sympathy for the modern state of Israel but perhaps not strongly enough to vocalize support for "swarthy" non-white Semites. After all... "Let one Semite in the tent and look who's parking his camel at curbside." (Christian conservatives are extraordinarily good at "Willful Ignorance."

2.) If Laura expressed sympathy for the Church's foundational teaching that "Jews are Christ Killers," many of her own followers would point out that this (de facto if not de jure) church teaching is manifestly false, an error set straight by "The Second Vatican Council" which Traditionalist Catholics see as the cornerstone of "The Great Apostasy." Since it takes but one hole in the dike to collapse the entire structure of Absolutism, better not poke any hole at all.

A personal vignette...

In the 1960s, a nun named Sister Inez taught my youngest brother, Bill, that "Jews are Christ Killers." 

Blessedly, I and Bill's three other siblings -- Janet, Kevin and Gerald -- escaped the Christ Killer calumny, an abomination zealously promoted by Pope Paul IV whose teaching on extra ecclesiam nulla salus -- "Outside the Church there is no salvation" -- is linchpin justification for sedevacantists and reason to condemn all other religions as idolatrous.

Check out Wikipedia's "Pope Paul IV" entry and pay special heed to the section entitled "Papacy."

Pax tecum


PS May I append this correspondence to Totalitarian Absolutism And "The Thinking Housewife?"

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 1:04 PM, Fred Owens wrote:

to not repeat the church's anti-
semitism is good
I don't think it's necessary for her or any other Catholic to formally renounce old customs -- just stop doing it
the cult of apology is a modern affliction

this reminds me of my dad who admitted to racial antagonism but made no effort to recruit his children in his attitude. He only said -- quite strongly --  that's my life. 

Dear Fred, 

Thanks for your email.

My particular passion for truth urges me to set records straight. 

"Time To Expunge Catholicism Of Traditions & Texts That Represent God As A Terrorist"

However, as a practical matter, I reluctantly agree that (very often) it is better to stop acting on bad ideology/dogma/custom than to run a fool's errand trying to elicit formal recantation.

The Church's induced obsolescence of usury is a good model for "letting things wither" although, in this instance, I think the Church went overboard.

Here is a pertinent excerpt from my post, "Shallowness and The Thinking Housewife."

"Not long ago, usury was considered such grievous sin that "banking" (and the moral filth on which it hinged) were left to European Jews. "Back then," righteous Christians shunned usury like a rabid pit bull loose in the house. Nowadays, there is neither nun nor priest who does not carry multiple credit cards, all of them charging usurious rates of interest. Personally, I would like to see more focus on usury, but since Capitalism vanquished traditional theology -- simultaneously elevating every deadly sin to "Glamor Status" -- it is impossible to suggest any "banking regulation" without "the good Christians" up in arms, shouting you down. Make no mistake, conservative American Christianity knows full well which side its bread is buttered on. And it is Mammon who spreads his unction."

Pax tecum


PS At your suggestion, I just penned the following comment concerning Christopher Columbus and Europe's impact on The New World

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