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Embarrasssing Sandy Hook Hoax Photo: Welcome To The Swamp Of Conspiracism

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Alan: Study the above photos and notice that Dylan's 2012 pictures reveal relatively horizontal eyebrows whereas the boy in the Oval Office has clearly arching eyebrows. Although there is general resemblance between the two boys, it is nowhere near as impressive as many of the following "celebrity look-alikes."
Then, there are actual doppelgangers! 

Alan: Sandy Hook "hoaxers" contend that Adam Lanza's murder of 26 people did not even take place but rather was staged by so-called "crisis actors" employed by Homeland Security to turn popular opinion against Second Amendment rights. (Never mind that support for Second Amendment rights spikes after every episode of mass firearm carnage.)

The photographic evidence that "hoaxers" present in support of their conspiracies (and there is never just one conspiracy) is embarrassing.

I am close friends with numerous lawyers and judges and they are all clear that the quality of evidence presented by "Sandy Hook hoaxers" would not be admitted as evidence in a court of law.

How Rochester, New York Detective Fantigrossi "Leaned On Me" To Identify The Wrong Man

Every professional photographer or videographer admits that photos and videos can be "adjusted" -- or even generated "whole cloth" -- pixel by pixel.


If Homeland Security is shrewd enough to deceive an entire nation into believing that 26 people were murdered, when according to conspiracists no one died, then Homeland Security is also clever enough to prevent a kid supposedly killed in December from being photographed with President Obama in January. (Does The Witness Protection Program teach us nothing about the crucial need for "disappearing" important "assets?")

Lamentably, "the straight face" test no longer  applies in a world cheapened by Trump's compulsive mendacity, promotion of conspiracism and the juvenile embarrassment of "alternative facts."

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Note that Sandy Hook hoaxers are unusally fond of analyzing the faces of so-called "crisis actors" whose "smiles" or "lack of tears" "prove"they are actors and not bereaved parents. (I suggest that "hoaxers'" emotional crippledness and inability to empathize with anyone not made in their own image obliges them to presume that their own abnormality is the cornerstone criterion of emotional Truth.)

Fake Funerals And False Flags
"The Thinking Housewife"

Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed!

In any event, it is now possible to create completely convincing video that shows Mother Theresa fellating Pope John Paul II.

Get a grip guys!

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