Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Borowitz Report: Pope Met with People Who Refuse to Do Jobs. Sorry He Couldn't Meet Them All

Kim Davis: Anything Wrong With This Picture?

Alan: When asked how many people work in the Vatican, Pope John XXIII answered: "About half."

VATICAN CITY (The Borowitz Report)—The Vatican has confirmed that while Pope Francis was in Washington, he had meetings with people who refuse to do their jobs.
The Pope met privately with the Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, and also met at the U.S. Capitol with several hundred other people who have chosen not to perform their duties, the Vatican said.
“Reporting every day to a job that one has no intention of doing can only fill one with anguish,” the official Vatican statement read. “The Pope wanted to show these people compassion.”

While in Washington, the Pope had hoped to meet with thousands of additional people who do not do their jobs, but there “wasn’t enough time,” the Vatican said.

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