Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The CIA Official Who Briefed President Bush On Iraq Says His Administration Misled The Public

Dead Wrong: Colin Powell's U.N. Speech On WMD In Iraq

Hans Blix Fruitless Search For WMD And Bush/Cheney's Rush To War In Iraq

The intelligence official who briefed President Bush on Iraq says the administration misled the public. "In recent days, as Jeb Bush bumbled a question about the Iraq War, he and other GOPers have peddled the fictitious tale that his brother launched the invasion because he was presented lousy intelligence. But now there's a new witness who will make the Bush apologists' mission even more impossible: Michael Morell, a longtime CIA official who eventually became the agency's deputy director and acting director. Appearing on MSNBC's Hardball on Tuesday night, Morell made it clear: The Bush-Cheney administration publicly misrepresented the intelligence related to Iraq's supposed WMD program and Saddam's alleged links to Al Qaeda." Mother Jones

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