Saturday, August 31, 2013

The End Is Near! Republicans See A War They Don't Like!

Still assholes.

History takes its time.

Bush and Cheney's colossal debacle in Iraq cost so much blood and treasure -- and for so little return -- they insured Americans would not mess with Islamists again. 

At least, not any time soon. 

And even if they wanted to, Smirk and Snarl broke the national bank (not to mention the national will) by swashbuckling into a stupid Whimsy War - a war they never declared, never paid for, and never defined.

An endless swamp of "mission creep."

I wish Obama had not painted himself into a corner marked off by a crystal clear "red line."

Near-pacifist that I am, I far prefer Obama's determination to toast Assad's tush than a dollar spent on Iraq.

In a recent email to my brother, Kevin, I speculated: 

"If cruise missiles could be used to kill Bashir himself, or at least target him (and his generals) persistently enough to make the Syrian military less offensive (and more defensive), I would not oppose the move.

Uncle Sam has been very effective droning al Qaeda leadership.

I don't see why drones wouldn't work with Assad and his pals. 

Hell, you can conduct operations from Denver!

Or perhaps position an aircraft carrier off the Mediterranean coast just sixty miles from Damascus and pummel shit out of the bastard every time he acts up.

If "we" "spread the word" that any Syrian official who makes it possible to jam a drone up Bashir's ass gets $10 million, I think it'll be easier to toast the sonofabitch than it was to get Osama.

In the end, I think all weapons are chiefly used for obscene ends - including chemical weapons.

But, rightly or wrongly, it "feels" worse when every man, woman and child dies indiscriminately just for breathing.

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