Friday, August 30, 2013

Strongest Man Lifts 975 Pounds

Warning: video contains some graphic language.

Don’t try this at home: Sports enthusiast Per Gunnar Roalkvam caught an eye-popping sight when he trained his cam on strongman Brian Shaw lifting a weight 442.5 kilos — almost a thousand pounds.
In the video, out of Sanyu, China, the weights on the barbell look comically huge — and seem to almost dwarf Shaw.
Fans can be heard yelling encouragement to him from the sidelines as the strongman contemplates the dead lift. “Pick it up!” And, amazingly, he does.
That feat led Shaw to place first in the 2013 competition for world’s strongest man. The video shows why the 31-year-old American certainly earned the title — which he also won in 2011.

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