Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2018 Oscar Nominees (And Other Non-Nominated Movies)

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Dear F,

As you may recall, I saw "The Shape of Water" with Chuck and Gilly.

Chuck disliked it and Gilly loved it. 

I was entertained - always engaged by "suspense" and wondering what would happen next.

That said, I felt the creators of "Water" deliberately manipulated my suspensefulness through ping-ponging plot-line trickery. (Admittedly, "Water" is a fanciful movie that requires - and deserves - considerable suspended judgment.) 

"Water's" ending (despite the trickery) was quite remarkable -- and satisfying -- tying together the loose ends through an extraordinary (and lovely) flight of fantasy.

I would not give "The Shape of Water" any Oscars.

Of the "Best Picture" Oscar nominees, I liked "Get Out" best. It really got under my "psychological skin."

"Wind River" (not a nominee) would be my choice for Best Picture Oscar. (N.B. "Wind River" is NOT an easy movie to watch.)

In terms of sheer enjoyment, "Logan Lucky" (not a nominee either) was my favorite film of the year - a movie with "a lot more to it" than "action/heist/suspense... especially in terms of "white trash" social interaction... "white trash" aspiration... and "white trash" morality.

Many people thought "Logan Lucky" took cheap shots at America's "white underbelly": I thought it elevated "hard luck whites" while subtly portraying the white ruling class as the privileged assholes they -- and we (?) -- are.


PS Although I really liked "The Post" -- and would be delighted if it won "Best Picture" -- in my mind it trailed "Wind River." And while "The Post's" message is critical for this moment in time, it did not break new ground as "Get Out" did. 

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 10:07 AM, FV wrote:

Dear A

The Shape of Water fared very well in nominations. May be the most nominated.



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